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Incorporate in Hawaii

Form a Hawaii Corporation

Curious about the incorporation process? To form a Hawaii corporation, your business first registers with Hawaii’s Business Registration Division (BREG) by submitting Articles of Incorporation. The next few steps depend on your specific business, but many Hawaii corporations take the following path to formation:

  1. File Hawaii Articles of Incorporation
  2. Pay the filing fee: $50 or $75 expedited
  3. Get a federal tax ID (EIN)
  4. Submit Beneficial Ownership Information report
  5. Get a Hawaii tax ID and licenses
  6. Hold an organizational meeting
  7. Open a Hawaii corporate bank account

You don’t have to do it all alone—at Hawaii Registered Agent LLC, we offer a total formation package that gives your new business everything you need to incorporate! We provide custom bylaws and initial resolutions, a year of registered agent service, and business website and phone services.

What Do I Include in Hawaii Articles of Incorporation?

Hawaii Articles of Incorporation require the following:

  • Corporation Name
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent Name and Address
  • Number of Authorized Shares
  • Incorporator Name and Address
  • Incorporator Signature and Date

FAQ for Hawaii Articles of Incorporation

Do Hawaii corporations have name restrictions?

Yes—your name must include “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Limited,” or an abbreviated form of one of these words. All letters must be from the English alphabet.

Your corporation’s name can’t already be in use by an entity doing business in Hawaii. Search for existing Hawaii entities on the BREG website.

Do I have to have a registered agent?

Yes—per Hawaii Statute §414-61, a corporation must have and maintain a registered agent. A corporation can’t be its own registered agent.

What does a Hawaii registered agent do?

A Hawaii registered agent ensures that your corporation never misses an important document. A registered agent maintains a physical and mailing address in Hawaii and accepts legal documents, service of process, and official notifications for your corporation.

A registered agency offers privacy and peace of mind. By using a registered agent’s address (instead of publicly listing yours), you avoid junk mail and frustration. You also avoid overlooking key documents. The receipt of essential documents can make or break a corporation. Imagine missing a summons and failing to appear in court—judgment would default against your business.

We provide expert registered agent service to clients throughout Hawaii. For just $49 a year, we can service your Hawaii corporation.

What is an incorporator?

An incorporator is the person who signs and delivers Articles of Incorporation for filing. The incorporator doesn’t have to be a shareholder or anyone with ownership rights.

If you select our formation services, we will be your incorporator.

Can my Hawaii corporation have preferred stock or series of shares?

Yes—but you won’t be able to use the BREG form. Their Articles of Incorporation form only has a space to authorize common stock shares. You’ll have to write and submit your own Hawaii Articles of Incorporation.

Submitting Your Hawaii Articles of Incorporation

Submit online using Hawaii Business Express (HBE). Online submission is immediate, and you can print a receipt.

Or, download a paper form from the BREG website. Type your responses before printing or write in black ink. Paper applications can be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off in person.

  • Cost
    There is a minimum filing fee of $50 for submitting Hawaii Articles of Incorporation. There is also a State Archives fee of a $1. Copies of documents cost $0.25 a page.
  • Forms of Payment Accepted
    Payment can be made with cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Cash is only available for in-person submission. Online and faxed submissions require credit card payment. For checks, submit a separate check for each document you file.
  • Processing Time
    Standard processing is 3-5 business days, and expedited processing is 1-3 business days.

Hawaii Incorporation Services

We are a formation and registered agent service with one goal in mind—providing Hawaii businesses with the best total package for the best value. We incorporate businesses in Hawaii every day.

Don’t get burned by formation services that lure you in with low prices—and then spring hidden fees or leave you hanging. With Hawaii Registered Agent LLC, you’ll never talk to an automated operator. Our incorporation package has everything you need.

What We Offer

In addition to forming your Hawaii corporation, we provide you with registered agent service, loads of useful documents, instant service, and reminders to help you stay compliant.

  • 1-Year Hawaii Registered Agent Service
  • Instant Access to Our Secure Online Portal
  • Annual Report and Renewal Reminders
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Company Privacy and Security (List Our Address–Not Yours)
  • Local Filers with Real Knowledge of Hawaii Business
  • FREE Organization Documents: Bylaws, Resolutions and More
  • FREE Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • FREE Pre-filled Forms in Your Account
  • Website, Domain Name, SSL Certificate, Email, and Phone Services for No Additional Upfront Cost
  • Optional BOI Report Filing Service for Just $9
  • Option to Add Trade Name (DBA) Service for $125 Plus State Fees After Purchasing One of Our Other Services

What Our Service Costs

We believe in transparent pricing. Our fee for formation service is $100. We also provide one year of registered agent service for $49.

The state filing fee is $50 (or $75 for expedited processing). We add $3.50 to cover other state fees, such as the mandatory Hawaii State Archive fee.


Fees (Standard, 3-5 days)

Fees (Expedited, 1-3 days)

Hawaii State Filing Fee



Additional State Fees



Our Formation Service Fee



1 Year Registered Agent Service






You can also order our online business tools at no additional upfront cost. You get a domain name of your choosing, up to 10 email addresses at that domain, a secure pre-built, open-source website, and a dedicated phone line with a Hawaii area code. Your domain name is free for a full year, while the other services are free for 90 days and just $9/month after that. You can cancel at any time.

How Our Hawaii Corporation Formation Works

  1. You answer a few brief questions about your business when you sign up for our service.
  2. You get instant access to your secure digital client portal where you can store and manage all the documents we receive on your behalf. You also have access to a variety of useful business forms, pre-filled with you current information.
  3. Our local filers create and file your Hawaii Articles of Incorporation within 24 hours.
  4. We notify you when Hawaii’s Business Registration Division forms your corporation.
  5. You get access to our online business presence tools so you can get your business online in minutes.
  6. You receive a year of Registered Agent Service. We’ll send you a renewal notice for the same low price—$49 a year.

Tax IDs and Licenses for Hawaii Corporations

Your Hawaii corporation is formed once your Hawaii Articles of Incorporation are processed and approved—but there’s still a lot more to do.

Your corporation will need a federal tax ID, as well as a state tax ID and tax license.

Federal Tax ID

Corporations require a federal tax ID (also known as the Employer Identification Number, or EIN), which is a tax identification number from the IRS. You can apply for free on the IRS website.

Hawaii Tax Identification Number and Licenses

For your Hawaii Tax ID and your General Excise Tax License, fill out a State of Hawaii Basic Business Application (BB-1 Packet). This packet is available from Hawaii’s Department of Taxation (DOTAX) website or the HBE website. The application fee is $20.

Apply online, pay with Visa or MasterCard, and receive your ID and license in 2-5 days. Printed forms are accepted by mail, drop off, or in person at a DOTAX office or Business Action Center. Mailed or dropped off applications are payable by check or money order and take 3-4 weeks. In-person applications are processed immediately but require two copies of the application.

The BB-1 packet also describes some additional tax licenses you may need. These don’t include any professional licenses or licenses from the Department of Agriculture.

General Excise Tax (GET)

The General Excise Tax is unique to Hawaii. It’s a tax on the gross income of business activity, including wholesaling, retailing, servicing, contracting and more.

It is possible to receive an exemption from GET for up to seven years with the Enterprise Zones Partnership Program. The program is eligible for businesses who make the bulk of their income through a few specific, in-demand fields, like agricultural processing. Applications are available through Hawaii’s Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

Organizational Meeting

After incorporation, you’ll need to hold an organizational meeting. This is the first official meeting of the corporation. At this meeting, you elect directors if needed, appoint officers, issue shares of stock, and adopt bylaws.

We can help make your organizational meeting easier. Our incorporation package includes initial resolutions, bylaws, and more.

Federal Beneficial Ownership Information Report

Once your business has been formed with the state of Hawaii, you’ll need to file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This report is aimed at reducing fraud and other financial crimes in the US. The information on your BOI report is not made available to the public.

Required Information

FinCEN requires most businesses (there are a few exemptions) to disclose information about your company and about the individuals with the most power over how your company is run. These individuals include beneficial owners and company applicants. A beneficial owner is any person with substantial control over business decisions and/or who owns at least 25% of the company. A company applicant is the person responsible for filing your formation paperwork (and the person who actually filed, if different).

Company Information

Individual Information

  • Legal company name

  • Business Address

  • Any DBAs

  • Jurisdiction of formation

  • Tax ID (EIN, SSN or TIN)

  • Full name

  • Residential address

  • Date of birth

  • Photo ID (passport or driver’s license)

How to file

You can file for free online using the FinCEN database.

When to file

It depends on when your company is formed.

  • If before January 1st, 2024, the deadline is January 1st, 2025.
  • If anytime during 2024, you must file within 90 days of company formation.
  • If on or after January 1st, 2025, you must file within 30 days of company formation.

Don’t want to worry about it? We can file your BOI report for you for just $9.

Hawaii Corporation Annual Report

While you don’t have to file an annual report the year you register, it’s good to keep this responsibility in mind. The annual report keeps the state up-to-date with current contact or ownership information for your corporation.

The due date depends on which quarter of the year you first registered with BREG. If you registered in the second quarter of the year (April though June), the due date will be the end of that quarter (June 30th).

You can complete the report online. The fee is $15, payable by Visa, MasterCard or eCheck.

Benefits of a Hawaii Corporation

Your Hawaii corporation reaps the advantages of streamlined registration, the ability to reinvest profits, and a trusted business structure.

  • Streamlined, Low-Cost Registration
    To file Hawaii Articles of Incorporation with standard processing is only $50. Hawaii’s Business Registration Division (BREG) handles all registrations with no need for separate county filings.
  • Reinvestment
    One significant advantage that Hawaii corporations have over LLCs is their ability to reinvest profits. In an LLC, profits must be passed on to members. These profits are then taxed when they’re reported on members’ individual tax returns. Instead of getting hit with this tax penalty, a Hawaii corporation has the option to reinvest profits and help their business thrive.
  • Trust
    Investors looking for a safe investment often choose corporations. Lenders often prefer to lend to incorporated businesses. Why do so many put their trust in corporations? Corporations are commonly viewed as more stable than structures like LLCs. One reason is that corporations have multi-level management with directors and officers. Corporations attract those who are seeking a safe investment.

Leave the Paperwork to Us

Let us do the heavy lifting! We can create and file your formation paperwork, serve as your registered agent, and offer maximum privacy. When you form a corporation with us, we can also register a trade name (DBA) after checkout. Just select “Trade Name Service” inside your client portal. Start your Hawaii corporation today!