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Hawaii LLC Formation

How to Form Your LLC in Hawaii

To form a Hawaii LLC, register with Hawaii’s Business Registration Division (BREG) by submitting Articles of Organization. Then, you can apply for an EIN, get a state tax ID, write an operating agreement, and open a bank account.

  1. File Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization
  2. Pay the filing fee: $50 or $75 expedited
  3. Get a federal tax ID (EIN)
  4. Get a Hawaii tax ID and licenses
  5. Write a Hawaii LLC operating agreement
  6. Open a Hawaii LLC bank account

At Hawaii Registered Agent LLC, we form Hawaii LLCs daily, and we’d love to form yours! Hire us, and we’ll create and submit your Articles of Organization, provide you with a full year of registered agent service, and give you the custom documents you need for organizing your Hawaii LLC and opening a bank account!

What Do I Include in Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization?

Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization require the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent Name and Address
  • Organizer Name and Address
  • Period of Duration
  • Management Structure
  • Initial Managers or Members Names and Addresses of
  • Member Liability
  • Organizer Signature and Date

FAQ for Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization

Are their name restrictions for my Hawaii LLC?

The name must include “Limited Liability Company” or one of these abbreviated forms: Ltd. Liability Company, Limited Liability Co., Ltd. Liability Co., LLC, or L.L.C. All letters in your Hawaii LLC name must be from the English alphabet.

Your name can’t already be in use by any entity conducting business in Hawaii. Search for existing entities on Hawaii’s BREG website.

What is a Hawaii registered agent? Why do I need one?

A Hawaii registered agent maintains a physical and mailing address in Hawaii and accepts legal documents, service of process, and official notifications for your company.

You need a Hawaii registered agent for three key reasons:

1. It’s Hawaii State law.
Per Hawaii Statute §428-107, an LLC must have and maintain a registered agent. An LLC can’t be its own registered agent.

2. Missing notifications could severely impact your business.
You’re busy working, not waiting around for when a process server might stop by with a summons. Failure to appear in court leads to a default judgment against your company. A registered agent ensures your LLC never misses an important document.

3. Privacy
When you list a registered agent’s address (like ours) with the state, you keep yours private. We’ll deal with all the spam and hassle while you retain privacy and business security.

As a commercial registered agent, we provide registered agent service to clients throughout Hawaii. For just $49 a year, we can service your Hawaii LLC.

What is an organizer?

An organizer is the person who signs and delivers Articles of Organization for filing. The organizer doesn’t have to be a member. If not a member, the organizer is simply a filer, meaning they’re not entitled to any ownership rights.

If you select our formation services, we will be your organizer.

For “Period of Duration,” what does “at will” mean?

You have two choices for your Hawaii LLC’s period of duration. You can either choose “at will” or set a date for the company to expire. If you choose “at will,” it means the company will continue indefinitely unless dissolved.

What are “member-managed” and “manager-managed” structures?

“Member-managed” means your Hawaii LLC members manage the company themselves, making all the business decisions. You can also choose a “manager-managed” structure. This is when you appoint a manager or managers to run the show. These managers don’t have to be members.

Submitting Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization

Online submissions are available using Hawaii Business Express (HBE). Online submission is immediate, and you can print a receipt.

Hawaii’s BREG also has downloadable forms. You can type your responses before printing or write in black ink. Paper applications can be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off in person.

  • Cost
    The minimum state filing fee for Hawaii Articles of Organization is $50. Expedited processing is an additional $25. There is also a State Archives fee of a $1 and a $2.50 online payment fee.
  • Forms of Payment Accepted
    Payment can be made with cash, check, money order or credit card. Cash should only be used in person, and online and faxed submissions require credit card payment. For checks, submit a separate check for each document you file.
  • Processing Time
    Standard processing is 3-5 business days, and expedited processing is 1-3 business days.

Hawaii LLC Formation Services